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Mora Valdez Dentistry

Costa Rica has become known as one of the most popular dentistry destinations worldwide.
The standard of dental care is one of the highest and most affordable available and in a desirable location. With its proximity to the USA and Europe, the travel expenses justify the trip and the experience.

While one doesn’t usually equate the terms “comprehensive dental work” with “exotic vacation”, the two can be possible through the Mora & Valdez Advanced Dental Clinic. This is especially unexpected when you realize that you are receiving your dental procedure and vacationing for a much less than you would pay for the same work only done with your local dentist. We equal and exceed every other clinic.


Mora & Valdez Advanced Dental Clinic has a team of seven specialists, each one a certified expert in their field. While there are numerous specialized clinics located in the capital city of San Jose, we are the only ones located in the southwest area, called the Ballena (Whale Tail) Coast. While San Jose boasts its museums, theatres and modern metropolis, most people can find that in their own home. Our claim to fame is the ocean, tropical jungle, waterfalls, sea caves and exotic animals. This assertion is only second to our quality in Dental Care.

Our doctors work in a sophisticated clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology. These dedicated professionals are aware of your situation and will achieve the desired outcome through minimal invasive restorative treatments. We specifically cater to Dental Tourism Patients with quality treatment at reasonable prices saving you time and money. While our exceptionally high standards come at an affordable price, our enthusiasm and passionate work reflects our commitment to you. With our expertise, advanced technology and commitment to excellence, the only risk or danger that you will face is not wanting to leave.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Replacing your damaged or missing teeth is important for your self-confidence, but is also crucial to your health. Did you know that all dental cosmetic procedures improve your oral and general health. Our teeth affect the way we chew, absorb food and nutrition, speech and even breathing. We improve your smile with minimally invasive techniques to preserve the remanent tooth structure.

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All on Four

Does it seem like you need unending dental work? Is your denture preventing you from eating your favorite chewy or crunchy foods? Now, for those who need extensive dental reparation, there is a new procedure that does away with the lengthy and complex processes. It returns the quality and function of your bite as if you have your original, natural teeth in their best condition.

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Dental Implants

Do you need to replace some teeth, but don’t want to deal with a denture that can slip, feel uncomfortable and needs a lot of care? Dental Implants are the treatment of choice when teeth are missing or teeth are too damaged to repair and will require removal. The implant mimics the roots of teeth. With the combination of crowns and bridges you can achieve the look of your natural teeth.

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Did you ever dream that having your dental problems resolved could be an unexpected pleasure and affordable adventure? Can you imagine going on a trip where you learn to stand-up paddle board, snorkel on the reef of a pirate island, watch monkeys swing from trees, zip lining through the primary rain forest, deep sea fishing, eating fine cuisine, exploring sea caves and at the same time improving your oral health and appearance? All this while you are saving money. Come home smiling! You have been on a Dental Vacation with Mora & Valdez Advanced Dentistry.

If you feel like relaxing, listen to the toucans from the balcony of your air-conditioned hotel room, sip a frozen drink from a float in your pool or read a book while napping in a lounge chair under a palm tree. Forget the stress of traffic, air pollution, noise and confusion while vacationing of the Whale Coast of Costa Rica.


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