– Advanced Dentistry in Costa Rica
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Advanced Dentistry in Costa Rica

Dental service in Costa Rica: Our primary goal is to earn your trust

Why we are different

Our primary goal as dental service in Costa Rica is to earn your trust by providing the best possible dental care in a warm, caring and relaxing environment. We are the only center in Costa Rica dedicated exclusively to implant rehabilitation with the most innovative techniques.

Personalized treatment: We believe that every case is unique and each client deserves individualized treatment.
Comfortable experience: Our center is equipped with the latest technology to improve the quality of our treatments.
Flexible appointments: We know your time is very important, that’s why we have a dedicated team available to the patient, which helps reduce the number of visits and shortens the treatment duration. We offer an exclusive service suitable for patients with limited time availability, and offer services on Saturdays.
Specialized staff: We are not a conventional dental center. We are focused on the management of difficult dental cases, such as teeth absences, bite collapse, worn dentition, malalignment, bruxism and others, providing solutions using updated techniques on different areas such as implants, oral rehabilitation, periodontics and esthetic dentistry.
Minimally invasive dentistry: Our philosophy and know how is based on the latest research made by the world´s reference dentists.
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