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Dental Vacations

 Dental Vacations

Can you imagine going on a trip where you learn to stand-up paddle board, snorkel on the reef of a pirate island, watch monkeys swing from trees, zip lining through the primary rain forest, deep sea fishing, eating fine cuisine, exploring sea caves and at the same time improving your health and appearance.  All this while you are saving money.  Come home smiling!  You have been on a Dental Vacation with Mora & Valdez Advanced Dentistry.


Costa Rica is well known for its high quality, affordable dental and medical work, but most of the specialist have clinics in the city of San Jose.  We are located only 3 hours away on the Costa Ballena (Whale Coast) in the town of Bahia Ballena, Uvita, a popular and affordable destination.  Rather than traveling to see the rain forest, beaches and abundant wildlife, you are already there.  Our famous landmark is a giant sandbar in the shape of a Whales Tail where large pods of these giant mammals can be seen migrating.  The whole area is surrounded by the coastal mountains and rain forest.  It is a natural atmosphere that promotes recovery and still provides multiple options for activities and tours.

Why choose Mora & Valdez Advanced Dentistry, Bahia Ballena, Uvita  for your Dental Procedures?

The Dental Clinic Mora & Valdez Advanced Dentistry offers the highest specialized Dentistry outside of the City and a member of the American Dental Association. Their modern state-of-the-art office is only minutes from the surf and jungle.

  • Cost-Effective Dentistry in Costa Rica: Packages include all costs like X-ray, prosthesis, etc., at the clinic, and the dentist’s fees, and yet they are 50-70% cheaper even with the additional work.
  • Proximity and Convenience: We are a 3 to 7 hour flight from most major airports in the US or Canada.  Many of the airlines offer low airfares.
  • State-of-the-art Equipment
  • Dental materials, equipment, and technology: Dental materials and equipment used in the clinics in Costa Rica are the same as those used in the US. and Canada.  We have State-of-the-art equipment.
  • Fixed Pricing : Our vacation packages that include a fixed price once the patient has been examined.   Dental X-Ray & reports may be required in advance.
  • Expertise and experience:  Our clinic has the top standards in cleanliness.  The equipment is sterilized since we uphold to the highest standards of hygiene.  The 7 dentists are specialized in Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Oral Rehabilitation, Maxilla-facial Surgery, Orthodontics, Implant Rehabilitation and Surgery with a specialty in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry.  Our Staff speaks English, French and Spanish fluently.  We are associated with the American Dental Association.

Tour Coordination

We have an agreement with a number of hotels, tour operators, transportation providers, restaurants and local businesses that could help you save additional money, time and stress.  Let us organize your travel arrangements.  We make it really simple.

1-   Chose the procedure/s that you need.  Let us know on the Contact Us tab.  We will provide you with the price and time requirements.  Compare our prices to those of your local doctor and others on the internet.  If you have any questions, send us a message.  We will write or phone you back.

2-  Pick your travel dates, then look at our lodging section.  Find a hotel that you like.  We will contact them for special rates and also provide you with other similar hotel options.

3-   Once you have decided the procedure and lodging, we will work out a travel package that includes transportation, a familiarization tour, local business coupons and other travel details.  We can also give you suggestions as to the best airlines to use.

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