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Costa Rica Advantages

Professional dental treatments in Costa Rica


Costa Rica Advantages

Many people needing major dental work are finding that they can save up to 75% of the cost by going abroad to Costa Rica.  There are many dentists located in the capital of San Jose, but Mora & Valdez is the only specialized clinic located on the southwest coast.  Even though it is in the coastal rain forest, the clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment and uses the finest quality materials manufactured in the US. The office is so modern and comfortable, that the only way you will know that you are in the jungle is by looking out the window. 


By having your Medical or Dental work done here, you are already saving money. Through our involvement with the Costa Ballena Community, we can add to those savings substantially while helping you with all of your arrangements.  Contact us for more information and check out the links on our website.

When we arrange your stay, our tours include…

  1. Telephone and on-line consultation prior to your trip with consultants who have been patients themselves.  Before you arrive, we will have established a clear line of communication.  We will educate you on your procedure, advise you of possible complications, suggest a diet and inform you on your medical prescriptions and restrictions.  If requested, you will be put in touch with other patients.
  2. Your travel arrangements including hotel, transportation, car rental, special needs and meal requirements and general logistic consultation.  We can design a package with additional savings.
  3. An introduction tour of the Costa Ballena Area, including the best restaurants and local attractions on the Whale Coast with discounted coupons for many of these businesses.
  4. Your initial trip to the Clinic and help with your transportation details during your visit.
  5. Referrals to other professionals (massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, etc.)


Why you should get dental care in Costa Rica

The cost of our dental services compared to the costs you face back home will make you consider dental tourism in Costa Rica as part of your next vacation.

“The cost of dental care in Costa Rica is actually less than half the price of the same service you can get in the United States. But is cost the only reason why you should go to Costa Rica to get dental care? Not really. Below are some of the other reasons why you should consider traveling to this beautiful country for dental services. Costa Rica’s geographical location plays a big part in making it a great destination spot for Westerners and Europeans alike. Costa Rica’s nearness to the US, Canada and other European countries, a mere 4-7 hours flight, lure tourists to travel to this country. Another plus factor is that visa is not required of American and Canadian citizens who wish to stay for less than three months. Another reason why people should go to Costa Rica for dental care is the standard of dental care in there.

Since The World Health Organization ranked Costa Rica’s health care system higher than the system in the United States, patients are assured that they will get the best medical service there is. It is also worth mentioning that the dental clinics and hospitals in Costa Rica are modern, clean and use first-rate prostheses and dental equipment like those used in the US, UK and Canada since most are imported from the said countries. Furthermore, they use the newest technology in the market to diagnose and treat dental illnesses. Lastly, dental health care providers in Costa Rica are highly qualified since they studied and trained in prestigious dental schools in the United States and Europe. They are also more experienced in doing some dental treatments than some American dentists as they have had years doing dental procedures that are not yet or just newly approved in the US.”

Dan Stevens – The Costa Rican Times

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